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About Us

January 2022 marks 12 years since Shaminy (Sham) embarked on her journey into the world of professional makeup & hair. Sham is humbled by the support of clients, models and numerous other industry professionals, all of whom she has been truly blessed to have grown with over the years. Her inspiration for her work, are many stories of struggle and resilience shared by clients regarding the challenges they face with their hair. Sham’s goal is to create a world where we can eliminate the barriers to opportunities that confront women daily, in all aspects of our lives. These champions fuel her motivation to embark on this venture. It is their stories that have driven her to deliver this line of luxury hair accessories. The idea was birthed from learning about how women continue to struggle with the changes to their hair, ranging from hair loss, alopecia and so much more. For this reason, she aims to support women with tools and accessories that can redefine the ways in which hair loss impacts our self-confidence, body image and ultimately, our sense of self.

Sham can attest to her ability to ensure customer satisfaction, by supporting you in your hair journey from this point onward, with an efficient and personalized product for every customer. After all, the Sham Waran brand, speaks for itself!

Now that you’ve learned a bit about Sham Waran contact our team today, so we can learn more about how to support you.