Hair Rental

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Hair Rental Program

Are you hesitant to purchase a hair enhancer because you plan to use it for one event and possibly never again or you would prefer to test it out prior to investing in your own piece? We listened to many of our customer’s concerns and decided if we want to see as many women enjoying our pieces whether it is for only a day or life-long we should offer a hair rental program at affordable prices. 

Remy Clip-in Extensions (any length, colour and volume) – $75 fee with $250 deposit

Toppers (any length, colour, volume) – $80 fee with $350 deposit

Bang’n Trio, Baby Trio, – $50 fee with $150 deposit

All rentals are properly disinfected and thoroughly washed with shampoo and conditioner and are prepped for immediate use. If you have a preference in how you would like it parted or prepped (ex. no conditioner and only shampoo) please let the rental coordinator know ahead of time. 

Please note we request customers not to wash the pieces after use. Please put them back in the same packaging it was given in and we will wash and prep them for the next customer so that we can ensure each of our pieces are properly cared for and prepped accordingly.

Our rentals are for 48 hours. Each day after the 48 hours will be at a charge of $75 for the clip-in extensions and $80 for the topper and $50 for the fillers. These amounts will be deducted from the deposit. Due to us getting back clip-in extensions with a piece or two missing we will be checking to make sure all 10 pieces are returned before deposit is released. There will be a charge of $25 per piece that is missing if not returned to us within an arranged time frame.

Finally we request customers to give us a minimum of 2 weeks notice for booking to ensure we have your piece available as well as time for us to prep them.

We hope you will get a chance to experience the convenience of our hair rental program! Please tag us as we would love to see all of you beautiful women wearing these amazing hair enhancers. Tag us on Instagram using the Instagram handle @sham.waran and using the hashtag #pumpupthevolume