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Currently Sham Waran Luxury Hair Collection is functioning out of Sham Waran’s studio in Ajax, Ontario. Here we are excited to offer a complimentary consultation prior to purchasing or after purchasing our products.


Determining the cost of your hair extension whether it is a topper, halo, u-clip or a pony is established by factors such as your desired length, volume, colour and base size.  A consultation with a Sham Waran professional is recommended to discuss your personalized needs. Your complimentary consultation is an opportunity for you to learn in detail about the amazing benefits of our hair pieces, how to style it with your hair to give a natural look, how to take care of it for a much longer use, and get your personalized quote. Our professionals will take the time to answer all your questions and help find the right product for you.


If you are inquiring from out of town or can’t make it in we are able to offer a mini e-mail consultation! If you need an email consult, please send us a clean picture of the front and back of your hair in natural light allowing us to see the full length of your hair. Please also include an inspiration photo of the look that you would like to achieve. This will help us determine what product will be best to achieve your dream results!